Seth Peters Signs with Steelers for 2018 Season in Maple League

Johannes Jauhiainen to Return Also

On September 2nd, the Kuopio Steelers and the Helsinki Wolverines faced off against one another in what proved to be a very exciting 2017 Spaghetti Bowl. With the Steelers scoring the first touchdown, the two teams fought for every yard, and, when the players walked off the field for halftime, the scoreboard read 35-17. The second half of the game was no less thrilling. Filling the stands completely, fans cheered the Steelers on to a victory, and the game ended with a final score of 70-46.

A major player in this game was Steelers’ QB, Seth Peters. Throwing for 385 yards and 6 touchdowns, Peters was an integral part of the team’s high-powered offense—but that’s not just for this one game. Peters proved essential to the team throughout the whole season. As QB, Peters maintained a 71.5% completion rate and threw for 3,590 yards and 56 touchdowns. Not only does he pass with unheard of accuracy, but he is also a mobile QB, capable of eluding defenders in and out of the pocket. All in all, he’s a good man to have on your team.

The good news for the Steelers? We’re keeping him! After the win on September 2nd, Peters and Coach Utriainen revealed in an interview that Peters signed a second contract to play with the Steelers again during the 2018 season. When asked about his decision to sign for 2018, Peters said, “Re-signing with the Steelers was one of the easiest choices I’ve had to make. They are a great team, organization, and most importantly, great people. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this special team for another year.”

What’s more, it’s not just Peters staying on with the Steelers—Johannes Jauhiainen has re-signed as well. During the season, Jauhiainen accumulated 52 catches, 987 yards, and 16 touchdowns. Those who have seen him run know that he, like Peters, is a good man to have on your team. Having begun his athletic career as a sprinter, Juhiainen can fly down the field, always a step ahead of the opponent. With Jauhiainen only having just begun his football career, he is only expected to get better. Additionally, the 2017 season was both Jauhiainen and Peters’ first year with the Steelers. Based on the success of their first year, one can only imagine how well they will do with more experience.

And what better place to gain experience than in the Maple League?? With the 2017 Spaghetti Bowl win under their belts, the Steelers will advance into the Maple League—the highest division in Finland—for the 2018 season.  Regarding the championship win that is sending him to the Maple League, Peters said, “It’s an amazing feeling to win a championship at any time in your football career. This championship felt even more special because I was able to help win it for this organization that most certainly earned and deserved it.” Peters is “very excited to transition to the Maple League.” He says, “There we will get to test our team at the highest level in Finland.” When asked about how he plans to prepare for next year, Peters said, “We will continue working hard in the off-season just as the guys have been doing. Although this time, I’ll be here working with them and we’ll be getting better together. I’m excited to strengthen the connection that I already have with these great skill players.”

After such an outstanding 2017 season, and with these two important players in the bag (not even to mention all the other talent unnamed in this article!!), we are expecting a very successful 2018 season in the Maple League. Peters put it best when he said, “We have the talent, will, and work ethic to be a Maple bowl contender in the year to come. I feel that we are already one of the best teams in Finland, now we have a chance to prove it!”

Written By: Marie Kressin